Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Final task Summary

What is the most intriguing aspect of this whole adventure is the scope of new venues out there. It is totally overwhelming to this babyboomer and I am a frequent internet user and consider myself as fairly savvy. This showed me that there are millions of worlds and options out there and I have only just begun the process. I found that I got lost very easily once I logged into a site. I personally would need a teacher, guide or someone to help me to learn these new technologies.
PVLD could easily use any of these features to communicate with the new generations coming up. They are adept at journeying anywhere on the web, while we crawl along. I am willing to learn, but I need a show me type environment for learning.

task 10 explore myspace.com


This is a dynamite place to explore, but could be very easily abused. Popular with teens and kids alike and probably scary for us baby boomers. There are many resources and that is the draw. You can literally link to any one or thing and the possibilities are endless. My user name is P.

task 6 IM

This is hogsmud on IM. Definitely something kids and adults would use. It is fast and friendly.

hogsmud (11:19:18 am): Hello, I'm Back!
(11:19:18 am)pvld2007 is no longer signed on.

Task 8-You Tube

You tube, who has time for all this funny stuff! It was enlightening! My You-tube user name is Hogsmud!


This is a zen like experience that can be a place of escape, and heaven knows everyone can use that experience. Even library patrons and employees. Popular because it is accessible, free and user friendly. Libraries can use to promote viewing of special programs, displays, art etc.

Friday, April 13, 2007

task 9-google docs & spreadsheets

A trip through a new version of Docs on the WWW. Truly user friendly!

task 7-wikipedia

My user name for wikipedia is Hogsmud and I really enjoyed using this search engine. Once the groundwork is laid out, it is not too difficult to navigate, especially with a competent navigator at your side. My edit was done on Friday, the 13th of April. Just for you all who are superstitious, I love Friday the 13th.

task 4 digital photo process descriptor

Wearable art is just as pure as any artform!

Friday, March 2, 2007

task 3



Thanks to my RSS Guru "Dave" I now officially have 2 RSS feeds and I hope I remember the process so I can do this again. It was fun and unique and different and will make checking these sites fast and easy. Yeah, this was good and I can easily move to the next step.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Task 1 and 2

It has only taken me two weeks to create an e-mail and blog. The title history is from my last two cars. I had a 1992 Ford Escort which was a "Caymen Green". Now I have a 2001 Gray Honda Passport and it is not living up to it's name as I haven't taken out of the state yet.

This is an ongoing process and my good friend DP is graciously assisting me.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

task 5-flickr

Photos by PJ
Flickr and me! What a confusing art form. Thanks to my mentor, the Divine Miss Eve, I blew through it! Importing pictures and posting is fun but not so easy to implement.